Decentraland Introduces Royalties Payment System

decentraland royalties

Decentraland has announced the introduction of a royalties system that will mean more money to wearable creators.

As it currently stands, a wearable creator only earns when a sale is made in the primary market, and makes nothing when it is resold.

The Decentraland DAO make a 2.5% commission in both the primary and secondary market. With the introduction of royalties, only the primary market commission will go to the DAO, while commissions in the secondary market will go to the creator.

Creators of new and existing collections on Polygon will be able to set a beneficiary address per item in the collection management tool, and if a wearable is sold multiple times, it is up to the creator to decide who benefits from the sale.

This new change comes as a result of Decentraland’s DAO-based government system, where members made the proposal, discussed it and agreed to it.

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