Rapper Nas To Sell NFTs of His Own Music

Rapper Nas is the latest celebrity to embrace the NFT craze.

The Hip Hop star will drop Non-Fungible Tokens that will allow fans to own a stake in two of his songs, Ultra Black and Rare.

Holders of the NFT will get a share of the streaming royalties of those songs, with the percentage determined by the token that they hold.

The sale of the NFTs will happen on the music-focused NFT platform Royal. The platform’s primary goal is to allow fans to co-own the music of their favorite artists. Right now they are only working with a few handpicked artists, but they plan on opening it to more in future.

Ultra Black is from his 2020 album King’s Disease, while Rare is from the follow up album King’s Disease II.

While we have seen artists like Eminem buy NFTs, few have so far gone as far as Nas, in selling their own music as NFTs.

The NFTs drop on January 11. You can participate on Royal.

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