Top 4 Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Market Cap Below $30 Million

Top Metaverse Crypto Coins

With every passing day, a new cryptocurrency is born. Many of these are being created for the metaverse era, and a good number of them come with incredible utility and potential to make real money.

However, it is incredibly difficult to sift through the noise and find a metaverse crypto coin that you can invest in. Coinmarketcap alone lists over 1500 of these coins, which is simply too much for a casual investor.

So to help you out, here are 4 metaverse crypto coins of note. We have only picked those with a market cap of below $30 million, which is perfect for future growth.

This list was compiled in March 2022.

4. Xaya (CHI) – $12 million

Xaya is one of the companies seeking to transform gaming in the blockchain era. Their vision is to “fundamentally change how people perceive video games and how they play them.”

Xaya traces its origin in 2011, when team members became involved in the Namecoin project. In 2014. they forked Namecoin and released the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin. Surprisingly, the game is still around today.

The real start for the current Xaya project came in October 2016, when the founders started the “Chimaera project”, rebranded two years later as ‘Xaya’.

Since then, they have released two games; Treat Fighter and Taurion.

While not widely used, the Xaya blockchain may still find some uses in the metaverse age.

3. DEEPSPACE (DPS) – $12 million

Another game related token is $DPS.

In a nutshell, DeepSpace is a Play-to-Earn space multiverse exploration strategy game.

It is one of the may P2E games that seek to reward players for performing certain tasks. In this case, those tasks take place millions of miles away in the vastness of space.

$DPS is the token powering the whole eco-system, and you can either earn it by just holding it, trading NFTs or participating in the game itself.

$DPS holders can also earn passively through sharing transaction tax rewards, while players can generate more revenue from ownership of in-game assets.

However, actively playing and participating in the game by performing tasks like mining resources, trading, fighting, and claiming real estate presents you with the best chance of earning the most tokens.

The DEEPSPACE marketplace lets you buy or sell in-game NFTs, and you can even mint whole ships.

Here’s the game trailer.

2. GameCredits (GAME) – $14 million

Powered by the Polygon Sidechain, Game Credits claim that they are creating a “decentralized RPG metaverse that will last beyond 100 years.”

It is part of the Genesis World Project, an initiative to create a multi-creator gaming universe, that will still be growing and evolving a century from now.

To explain why they have two tokens, i.e. GAME and GENESIS, the team notes that the former is the token for all their projects and products, while the latter is just for powering the play-to-earn rewards in the Genesis metaverse.

GAME token actually has a long history, launching way back in 2014 when very little was known about the potential of the metaverse.

1. Gods Unchained (GODS) – $28 million

Completing our list of the top metaverse crypto coins is Gods Unchained. It is a free-to-play tactical card game, that also uses the P2E model, i.e. rewarding players for playing and performing other in-game activities.

Since the cards are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), players can buy, sell or use them in any way they like. This is only possible by virtue of the game being on the blockchain.

The cards are minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and the platform is powered by Immutable.

Powering transaction in the game eco-system is the token $GODS. This token can be used for anything from transacting in the game, to scooping up new cards in the marketplace, to getting paid for your cards.

A beta version of Gods Unchained was released in 2018, making it one of the earliest major P2E games in the metaverse era.

Unlike other P2E games where you have to purchase an often expensive NFT as your ticket to start playing, Gods Unchained welcomes you with a free collection of 70 individual cards (140 in total) that are sorted into six decks.

This ‘Welcome Set’ as they call it, is designed to help new players get a handle on how the game, and each god, works.

Once inside the game, you can start earning $GODS tokens through several ways, such as weekend tournaments, play to earn events, or fusing together non-NFT cards earned in gameplay into an NFT card that can be sold.

We think the game has quite some potential, and that’s why its token tops our list today.

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