Over 2 Million NFT Domain Names Registered

2021 was the year NFTs went somewhat mainstream, and that momentum is expected to be sustained in 2022.

One of the best ways to measure the impact of an internet trend is to analyze the number of new website domain name registrations.

It turns out that NFT related domain names are being registered at warp speed.

Just one registrar, Unstoppable Domains, has reached a milestone of 2 million NFT domains registered with them. This is for a company set up in 2018.

2022 is the year of NFT Domains! Just a few days into the new year, we’ve hit 2 million domains registered! Big shout out to the Unstoppable fam for reaching this amazing milestone!

Let’s keep the momentum…!

Unstoppable domains

Unstoppable offers about 10 domain extensions, almost all of them focused on the crypto and NFT space.

Among them are: .crypto, .nft, .wallet, .bitcoin, .coin, .dao, .blockchain etc.

Unlike other domain extensions, the above only have a one time payment, and no annual renewal fees. So you pay once and own the domain for life, unless you choose to transfer it to someone else.

Basically, NFT domains were launched as smart contracts on public blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon. Just like cryptocurrency, they are stored in a wallet by the owner.

They are seen as an important step in the decentralized internet, where no central body controls domain name registration.

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