Celebrity Video Shout-out Platform Cameo Announces NFT Collection Pre-mint

Cameo Pass NFT

Cameo, the platform where celebrities and people who think they are celebrities offer their personalized shout-outs to fans, is now doing NFTs.

The platform has announced a pre-mint for an NFT collection dubbed ‘Cameo Pass’.

However, the NFTs in this collection are not from celebrities, as would be expected. Instead, Cameo has partnered with Burnt Toast, the team behind the uber famous Doodles collection.

Also working on this collection is Vinnie Hager (Letters NFT collection) and cartoonist Luke McGarry.

Each of these NFTs will cost 0.2 ETH ($540) to mint, with a limit of 6 NFTs per user in the pre-sale. OpenSea will facilitate this process.

“Cameo’s mission is to create the most personalized and authentic fan experiences on earth. With Web3 rising as one of the most significant and promising trends in celebrity, athlete and creator interactions and monetization, Cameo is exploring how it can be used to further our mission for fans and talent,” the company said.

Owners of Cameo Pass NFTs will have access to exclusive celebrity events such as Q&As, meet-and-greets and in-person parties.

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