This NFT Expert Thinks NFT Pets Will Become a Thing

nft pets

Australian NFT expert and collector Matty Soudagar, totally believes that NFT pets will be a thing.

Matty was last year featured on 60 Minutes Australia for having turned $20,000 into one of the biggest NFT portfolios in the country, by collecting thousands of digital collections.

He recently revealed that he bought 22 pieces of land on Decentraland for $180,000, which he is confident to flip for $300,000.

It is safe to say that he was a very early adopter in this space, and therefore better positioned to make educated guesses on what the future holds.

Writing on Twitter this Monday, Marry said, “Digital pets will 100% be a thing.”

That tweet received over 1,500 likes, which may be testament to how many of his followers see this as a realistic future.

Indeed, many individuals and companies are working to bridging the physical world with the Metaverse. It is certainly an existing prospect, especially when combined with VR and AR.

What do you think about NFT pets?

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