Blockchain Investment Firm Raises $50 Million To Buy Individual NFTs

The NFT space continues to attract big money. While most of the investments so far have gone to building the infrastructure, e.g. marketplaces, we are now seeing a new round of institutional investors interested in quick returns.

Arca, an investment firm whose focus is blockchain and crypto assets, has closed a $50 million round of funding. This new cash will go into investing in individual NFTs.

The firm is taking this approach because they see the immediate cashflow potential, instead of slow progress realized from building platforms.

The fund was capped at $50 million, but there was so much interest that it was oversubscribed.

Among the digital properties the firm will invest in are: art and collectibles, in-game assets, DeFi integrated NFTs, AI NFTs, Reward-based NFTs, royalty streams etc.

Serving at portfolio manager will be Sasha Fleyshman.

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