Marriage in the Metaverse: 2000 Guests Attend Couple’s Wedding in Decentraland

Decentraland Metaverse Wedding

On Saturday, Decentraland Metaverse hosted its first wedding, and perhaps the first one on any blockchain-based metaverse.

Ryan and Candice Hurley, two love birds from Phoenix, hosted around 2,000 guests at their virtual wedding that was officiated by Supreme Court Justice officiant, Clint Bolick.

Rose Law Group was hired to legalize the ceremony, with president Jorden Rose saying that this was the first metaverse wedding.

The ceremony was conducted on Rose Law’s estate on Decentraland, a piece of virtual property the firm acquired for such events.

Their marriage certificate came in the form of an NFT ‘Meta-Marriage License’.

“There currently is no legal framework for marriage in the Metaverse, so whether or not it will be legally binding is more a question of contract.

Unlike the real world, the metaverse isn’t limited by physical constraints that restrict your perfect wedding. Only in the Metaverse can your wildest, most imaginative dream wedding be a reality.

We see the future of the metaverse as being truly decentralized and existing almost completely on the blockchain, so the future of marriage in the metaverse will not need to have a record of their marriage in the real world.”

Jorden Rose, President Rose Law Group

The Hurley’s virtual wedding was only one of two similar events held that weekend. A day later, an Indian couple hosted their big day on another metaverse.

The two weddings will undoubtedly set the stage for many similar events.

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