New NFT Marketplace For Women Athletes Launched

A new NFT marketplace dedicated to female athletes has been launched.

Parity, an online sponsorship platform, launched the marketplace in a bid to address the pay gap between male and female athletes.

In 2020, women’s sports sponsorship accounted for only 7% of total sports sponsorships, which was in itself a great improvement from the 1% in 2011.

NFTs have presented a new revenue stream for sports, art and music, and Parity intends to make the most use of them.

At launch, the platform will feature digital collectibles from athletes Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, Jayna Hefford among others.

The platform hopes it will help female athletes increase their revenue. Those using the marketplace will get 90% of the initial NFT sale, as well as royalties from every secondary sale.

The marketplace has been launched in collaboration with the Aventus Network and its subsidiary VereNFT and is compatible with Ethereum’s network.

“The Parity NFT Marketplace will — for the first time in cryptocurrency — put women athletes at the forefront of technology, business and sport, rather than having them as an all-too common afterthought.

The Aventus team understood the ambitious scope of our vision from the outset, and their technical knowledge is unmatched. The Parity Legends Collection is an exciting beginning to our collaboration.”

Minji Ro, Co-CEO of Parity

They have lined up over 700 athletes across 40 different sports.

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