Opera Introduces ‘Crypto Browser’ To Make Buying NFTs Easy for the Masses

Opera Crypto NFT Browser

While Opera’s mobile browser is fairly popular in some markets, their desktop version has failed to make a dent on a world dominated by Chrome and Firefox. The company wants to change that.

Opera believes their new ‘crypto browser’ will usher in the masses to Web3, or the ‘Blockchain Web’. On Wednesday, they announced the beta launch of their Crypto Browser Project, immediately available for PC, Mac and mobile phones.

Web3, Metaverse and NFTs have become buzzwords recently, but still very few non-tech savvy people know what they mean. Opera wants to make blockchain technologies easy to decipher and interact with for everyone.

The new crypto browser is designed to work with a variety of decentralized apps, or dApps right out of the box.

Native wallet

Unlike current browsers where where having wallets is only possible through extensions, the crypto browser comes with its own native wallet.

This provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, since both the browser and the wallet have been developed by the same team.

You will still be able to use other external wallets like Metamask if you choose to.

“With the Crypto Browser you are also getting a secure clipboard that allows you to safely copy and paste. By securely monitoring itself, the clipboard makes sure no other apps have modified your wallet address or other sensitive data.”


The native wallet will support ETH, ERC-20, ERC-721 tokens and ERC-1155, and will allow you to purchase crypto via fiat (using Visa or Mastercard), as well as swap your cryptos directly in your wallet.

“We have so far partnered with Polygon, Solana, Nervos, Celo, Unstoppable Domains, Handshake and ENS, and are working on even more partnerships – with the goal of not focusing on one blockchain or token, but rather of working in a truly collaborative way that reflects the spirit of the Web3 community.

Our ultimate goal is to integrate these blockchains and decentralized domain naming systems into our crypto browsers, allowing you to enjoy them all.”


If you want to give it a try, you can be part of the beta by downloading from these links. AndroidWindows and Mac.

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