Tai Lopez Not Backing Down from NFTs Despite Controversy

Tai Lopez NFT

Tai Lopez is not a darling in the NFT world. The YouTuber who made his money motivating others to be rich, recently went all in on NFTs.

His reputation was already in question long before NFTs, as is the case with most people who make money by telling others how to make money. Exploiting his huge social media audience, Tai sells courses and books, often at mind-numbing prices.

About Tai Lopez NFTs

Early this month, Tai released an NFT Collection dubbed the ‘OG (Original Garage) Social Club‘, which is supposed to give holders exclusive access to his Mentor Social Club.

The collection came in 3 tiers:

  • Silver “Mentorship” cards (Tier 1)
  • Gold “Mastermind” cards ( Tier 2)
  • Black “1 on 1 Mentorship” cards (Tier 3)

Tier 1 (Silver)

For the March 4th whitelist, the price of this NFT was 0.1 ETH. There is a maximum supply of 8000 NFTs.

This NFT gives you access to OG Social Club exclusive courses.

A sub tier, Silver Edition 2, cost 0.15 ETH, and also came with a supply of 8000. This sub-tier provides extra benefits like access to members’ hotels, and clubs.

Tier 2 (Gold)

Inside the Gold Edition, there are 25 sub-categories, with prices ranging from 1-5 ETH. Each sub-category has a max supply of 300.

Benefits will range from travelling in a private jet, to joining world-renowned coaches for a gym session.

Tier 3 (Black)

There are 30 sub-categories, with each having a max supply of 10, for a total of 300 black cards.

Each black card gives you one-on-one access to Tai Lopez, where you have 1 hour to share an experience with him, e.g. a chess game or a Lamborghini drive.

The early mint price ranged from 80ETH to 10 ETH, in a Dutch auction format.

Future mints will have a reserve price of 85 ETH to 12 ETH.

Why the backlash over Tai Lopez NFTs?

At first glance, it is obvious why everyone is up in arms over the NFT project. It is a glaring and shameless cash grab.

Many interpreted this as no different from his previous cash grabs, particularly in his sale of books and courses.

Here are some reactions from Twitter.

Despite all this backlash, Tai Lopez is not relenting.

The controversial YouTuber has been tweeting and retweeting posts that shows he is still in the game.

Here’s one he retweeted.

He’s even soliciting for guests on his next NFT podcast episode.

So you better buckle up and be ready for many of these stunts moving forward.

Remember, you should always be on the look out for potential scams and NFT rug pulls.

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