Friends With You Reduces Minting Price After Backlash

Friends With You Mint Price

The latest NFT project to be accused of attempting a cash grab is ‘Friends With You’.

The project team has set a mint date of March 26, with 9 mint passes being auctioned to lucky holders who would get access to the character builder.

Then on Saturday April 2, a total of 8,765 Friendsies are to be sold using the Dutch auction model. The starting price was supposed to be 4.2 ETH, decreasing by 0.1 ETH every 30 minutes until it gets to 0.1 ETH.

Fans on Twitter were not happy with this announcement, seeing the price is too high. They voiced their opinions and the project team promised to review.

They have now decided to make some adjustments on the price and auction model.

The minting price has now been lowered to 3.33 ETH, and the auction will decrease by 0.1 ETH every 10 minutes, instead of 30 minutes.

This was the announcement.

Hi friends so we appreciate the feedback, we heard what ppl are saying and we want to take this opportunity to listen and adapt. To meet the community’s ideas this is what we have decided:

When we decided on 4.2 dutch auction start price the space was in a very different place. we never expected all fRiENDSiES to go for that & felt the premium was in the ability to get the exact fRiENDSiES you want.

we feel what we have created meets the value we baked into the project overall. we realize we should listen and adapt to the current state of the market so we decided that we will lower our dutch auction starting price from 4.2 eth to 3.33. we chose this number based on our super golden cloud key floor which ranges from around 2.5 to 3 eth.

we gave the super golden cloud key mint for free, the community set the price, and we will use this as our guide to lock in this new price.

we’ve also changed the structure. the auction will decrease .1 every 10 minutes now. so the price will drop faster from 3.33 to .1. we will also lower the extension per tier drop from 5 minutes to 30s.

Friends With You

The auction will happen on Christie’s and OpenSea.

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