VeeFriends Auctions Real Trading Cards in Partnership With Zerocool

VeeFriends Trading Cards

VeeFriends, one of the most popular NFT projects, is diversifying its portfolio by entering into physical trading cars.

The project team has announced a partnership with Zerocool, a trading card subsidiary of Fanactics Brand.

VeeFriends, which just recently released details of their Series 2, is a collection of 268 characters, hand drawn by Belarusian-American artist Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee).

The collection ranks as one of the most popular of all time, with a trade volume of over 44,000 ETH as of this writing.

Zerocool on the other hand is bringing trading cards direct to consumer. It claims its pricing model is fair and transparent, and they deliver this using a Dutch auction, where the price reduce instead of increase.

The auction is also blind, which means bidders are not able to see other bidders’ bids. This ensures a fair market price as buyers pay what they believe the cards are worth, instead of basing their value on what other bidders think its worth.

There are 800 boxes of VeeFriends trading cards, with each containing a pack of 10 cards. The cards come in different rarities too.

The auction is running for 2 days and is already live.

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