Web3 Gaming Console To Be Launched in 2024

NFT console Polium

With Web3 gaming taking off, it was just a matter of time before hardware entrepreneurs entered the scene.

Polium, a company that claims to ‘build products and infrastructure for Web3 gaming‘, has announced their latest product, a gaming console.

Dubbed ‘Polium One’, the console will support multiple blockchains among them Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Solana, Harmony, EOS, Wax and ImmutableX.

The console, which is slated for a Q3 2024 launch, was announced on Monday.

Polium One will support 4k ultra HD resolution at 120 frames per second, and a prototype will be ready in a few months according to the company.

Other features of the console will be its own multichain cryptocurrency wallet, with a dedicated wallet button for efficiency. It will also come with a fingerprint scanner for verification of transactions.

A Polium Pass NFT will be released before then, and holders will have first access upon launch of the hardware. The company will release 10,000 of these consoles to the NFT holders, with more units coming out to the general public much later.

Polium expects to sell over 1 million of these consoles.

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