Non-Crypto Holders Can Now Mint NFTs on Tatum

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A new multichain feature on the Tatum blockchain will allow non-crypto holders to mint their own NFTs.

This feature from the blockchain development platform intends to make it easier for anybody to get on board the NFTs phenomenon, by completely skipping the crypto stage which is often confusing to the general masses.

On top of that, the new feature will allow users to mint across multiple platforms.

To even sweeten the deal, minting on the five chains Tatum is supporting will be gasless. Gas fees are the transaction fees paid on various blockchains for the privilege of performing certain tasks, in this case minting a non-fungible token.

Ethereum blockchain is notoriously expensive to mint on, which has driven more and more users to other efficient blockchains. However even these blockchains require some level of crypto-savviness, since minting is paid for using a cryptocurrency.

With Tatum, all this is eliminated by virtue of having no gas fees. All a user needs is a Tatum subscription, paid for via a normal credit card. Their plans start for as little as $9, but there are higher tiers.

Subscribers can mint as many NFTs as they want on five different blockchains, namely; Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Harmony and Celo.

“Customers have been approaching us saying they’ve tried everything possible to get their NFT marketplaces off the ground… We knew there had to be a better way, so we put our heads together to come up with a solution,” Tatum CEO Jiri Kobelka was quoted.

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