Chumbi Valley Partners With Elfin Kingdom.. Announces Giveaway

Chumbi Valley Elfin Kingdom

Two promising Play-to-Earn (P2E) game projects have announced a partnership.

Chumbi Valley and Elfin Kingdom on Monday, March 7, announced that they are joining hands.

Their statement revealed their intention to work together in different ways, from promotion to actual game integrations.

“We are delighted to form a long-term relationship that will include many exciting synergies such as giveaways, dual staking, game integrations and more!” the statement read.

As part of the partnership announcement, they are holding a giveaway to their communities, with a Seed Chumbi NFT, an Elfin NFT, and $1,000 USDC being up for grabs.

The partnership between the two will also include a dual staking program which will allow users to stake CHMB and earn both CHMB & EFLIN tokens as rewards.

Elfin Kingdom is a P2E game where you “create your adventure, solve quests, earn for your efforts and compete to be the best.”

Chumbi Valley meanwhile is an RPG Play-to-Earn game where you “Explore the forest with Chumbi by your side. Battle, maintain a farm, teach your Chumbi spells, and gather in-game resources to craft NFT items and earn crypto rewards.”

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