Axie Infinity To Launch Land Game Play

What is Axie Infinity Land Gameplay

Axie Infinity land game play explained.

Axie Infinity, one of the largest Play-to-Earn games in existence, is expanding even further.

A new feature dubbed the Axie Infinity land gameplay will soon be added, according to a roadmap released early this month.

Its purpose is to allow players who purchased land to build in-game assets. 

Axie Infinity Land Game Play Release Date

From the roadmap, the Land Game Play update will be released later in 2022, with no details on month or date given.

A Land Gameplay Community Alpha will first be released to test the feature, before a full rollout to the public later.

The community alpha is the next step on the roadmap, meaning this should probably come very soon.

Axie Infinity Roadmap

Q1 2020: Land and Items migrated to Ronin ✔️

Q2 2021: Axies migrated to Ronin ✔️

Q2 2021: Axie: Origin Alpha ✔️

Q3 2021: $AXS staking ✔️

2022: Land Gameplay Community Alpha

2022: $AXS ecosystem begins

  • Governance
  • Play to Earn
  • Mainstream release of Axie Infinity on iOS/Android

2022: Land gameplay

2022: Lunacia SDK Alpha

Previously, the community alpha release was scheduled for Q4 2021, meaning it has been delayed. In the same earlier roadmap, the full release was scheduled of Q1 2022, but that also seems likely to be delayed.

Realistically, the full public rollout of the Land Gameplay should not happen before the second half of 2022.

What is Axie Infinity Land Gameplay?

This new feature on Axie Infinity will allow users to acquire a piece of land in the metaverse, exploit it, build resources and even upgrade it.

There will be 3 phases in the development of this feature.

  • Phase 1: Simulation and land management.
  • Phase 2: Additional management gameplay elements.
  • Phase 3: Group activities that will involve conquering and defense.

The land is already for sale on the Axie marketplace, from around 1.2 ETH.

Here’s a teaser that was released by the Axie team.

The final objective for the Axie team is to create a single application where players can interact with the entire Axie Infinity metaverse.

That will include a social network, a marketplace, Breeding Game, PvP with ladder and tournaments, PvE / Adventure mode and eventually and importantly, expanding the metaverse by allowing developers and creators to make games using existing Axie Infinity assets and hosting them on land.

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