Team17 Cancels ‘MetaWorms’ NFTs After Backlash

Team17 MetaWorms NFT

Every other day, a new game developer or publisher announces plans to launch their own NFTs. This is the case for both established or major companies, and smaller or startup developers.

Like clockwork, the reactions of die-hard fans is always negative. Many see the companies they idolize entry into NFTs as a mere cash-grab.

British game developer ‘Team17‘ is the latest one to announce its NFT plans, and the latest to receive immense backlash.

On Tuesday, the developer and publisher announced ‘MetaWorms’ NFT project, based on its popular series of ‘Worms’ games. The series has been around for over two decades, and has sold over 75 million copies.

The company argued that the NFT collection would “give fans the chance to own a unique piece of video game memorabilia.” Predictably, fans were not buying that.

Team17 was widely condemned on social media, and it only took them 24 hours to reverse that decision, saying they had listened to their “Teamsters, development partners, and their games’ communities” and the taken into account their concerns.

While other industries like art and music have been fairly receptive to NFTs, gaming communities have been mostly opposed to them.

Electronic Arts CEO just this week said that they are no longer sure about the NFT future, despite recently saying the opposite.

SEGA has also slowed down their NFT plans following backlash from avid fans.

Konami and Atari have also recently irked their fans and gaming communities for similar reasons.

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