Chelsea Legend John Terry’s NFT Project Under Investigation by Club and Football Bodies

John Terry NFT

The rules pertaining to NFTs are still being written, and organizations are being caught sleeping most of the time.

We have seen a very public spat between legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and Miramax studio over the ownership of the script of the 90s hit ‘Pulp Fiction‘.

Tarantino wanted, and actually proceed to auction an NFT of the script, but Miramax sued arguing it was a violation of their intellectual properties. The first of seven chapters went on to fetch $1.1 million.

A similar scenario is playing out in Europe, this time in sports.

According to, Chelsea legend and former England defender John Terry is under investigation by his former club over the sale of NFTs bearing the club’s logo, shirts and trophies.

The FA and UEFA have are also investigating whether their copyrights have similarly been infringed.

John Terry has been promoting a collection of monkey artworks dubbed ‘Ape Kids Club‘ on social media.

While not expressly stating it, it appears that the NFTs are based on John Terry and other famous soccer players, whom the Chelsea legend goes on to tag in every social media post.

They then proceed to confirm their involvement with the project by retweeting or replying to his tweets.

Commenting on the matter, European football governing body UEFA said, “UEFA takes the protection of its intellectual property rights seriously and we are investigating this matter further.”

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this story as it unfolds.

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