Zynga Will Release NFT Game This Year

Zynga NFT

Giant mobile game developer Zynga may be late to the metaverse and NFTs, but they are about to make a grand entrance.

As a gaming company that was founded in the internet age, gaining prominence through its Farmville series, Zynga isn’t restricted by decades old traditions and communities that are opposed to NFTs, like legacy game developers.

The San Fransisco-based company made some strategic partnerships last year, and now they believe they will have a product ready this year.

Zynga blockchain chief Matt Wolf sat down with Axios, and revealed that the company is currently building its blockchain team, with an aim of increasing staff from 15 currently to as many as 100 by the end of the year.

Some of those are senior positions, among them a creative director and a “tokenomics designer.”

Although they have not announced an NFT game yet, Wolf said they hope to release a “ground-up, dedicated product” this year.

He added that the current plan is to separate their NFT game ideas from their big series, namely; Farmville and Words with Friends, explaining it doesn’t make sense to start adding NFT elements to these games.

While Zynga fans may be more receptive to NFTs, other industry leaders like Konami and Team17 have not been so lucky, receiving heavy backlash as soon as they announced their NFT plans.

Team17 even had to cancel their MetaWorms NFTs all together.

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