Invisible Friends Announces 0.25 ETH Mint Price

Invisible Friends Mint Price

The mint price for Invisible Friends has finally been announced.

Soon after announcing that the NFTs will be minted on 23rd February, it was revealed that a price of 0.25 ETH had been arrived at.

The mint will happen on their website, and there are 5000 whitelist spots.

There were mixed reactions from the community, but many thought the price was reasonable, even adding that it is actually too low.

“Invisible Friends could have announced a 4 Eth mint and still sold out,” one fan tweeted.

“What? I think you meant to say 235 ETH,” another fan commented on the price announcement tweet.

But one user, @goatandwhiskey, was a bit skeptical. “I love how the influencers in this nft space keep talking about how invisible friends should mint at a higher price. Bruh, f*ck that – they haven’t even proven shit, how is minting at a higher price good for the community? These are basically start ups asking for funding,” he wrote.

However despite the reactions, everyone agreed that the value of the NFTs will go up in value significantly, owing to the hype around the project.

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