OpenSea Trading Volume Up as Bored Ape NFT Craze Intensifies

opensea bored ape

NFT trading volume at OpenSea is surging, amidst renewed speculative interest in “Bored Ape Yacht Club” (BAYC) and “Mutant Ape Yacht Club” (MAYC).

In just 4 days of 2022, OpenSea had generated $700 million in trading volume, according to figures posted on Dune Analytics. Monday saw the highest 24-hour volume, with trades worth $255.8 million.

By some estimates, that was a record high for OpenSea. However, other estimates have August 29, 2021 as the all time high, with trades worth $322 million.

2021 was a particularly big year for OpenSea, with August being its best month. That month’s volume topped $3.42 billion. They almost matched that in December, with trading volume worth $3.24 billion.

If the first few days of January are anything to go by, last year’s figures will be dwarfed, and the platform is set for its biggest year yet.

It however remains to be seen if OpenSea will maintain this momentum, should the excitement surrounding BAYC and MAYC NFTs subside.

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