NFT and the Metaverse Make CES Debut

This week, NFT and the Metaverse are set to make a debut at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The annual event features the latest technologies, exhibited by major tech companies like Sony, NVidia, LG, Samsung etc. and even less known companies.

In total, the 2022 event will host more than 2200 exhibitors, and will run from January 5 to January 7.

A big addition this year is blockchain focused companies, with NFT taking a prominent role.

Well known personalities in the crypto industry, such as Filecoin founding director Clara Tsao, Celsius Network chief growth and product officer Tushar Nadkami, Coinbase chief policy officer Faryar Shirzad and Art Blocks Inc founder and CEO Erick Calderon are expected to speak.

Also expected to take centre-stage is the metaverse, with various exhibitors promoting their products in this space. Chief among them is Samsung, who have promised new metaverse-related hardware innovations.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this to see what comes out of this interesting space.

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