Space Doodles NFT Release Date Has Been Announced

Space Doodles Mint Date

The release date for one of the most anticipated NFT collection this year has been announced.

Space Doodles, a companion to the highly popular Doodles NFT, will be released on February 28th. This is according to Doodles founder, @poopie.

Using a similar model to Bored Ape Yacht Club, which released their Mutant Apes to holders free of charge, Space Doodles will also be made available for minting free of charge to all Doodles holders.

“In February, @doodles will be able to mint Space Doodles for FREE 🚀🌈 It’s innovative & non-dilutive which means we aren’t introducing more NFTs into the circulating supply,” @poopie tweeted.

The Space Doodles will be released to all current Doodles holders, and each will be backed 1:1 by its counterpart Doodle, meaning only one can exist in your wallet at any time.

The Doodle bot smart contract will wrap your Doodle and generate a spacecraft. The Doodle bot’s vault will hold the original Doodle NFT, which will allow unlimited wrapping and unwrapping.

With the way this has been designed, you can have either a regular Doodle or a Space Doodle in your wallet at any one time, which could add value to both collections.

The current floor price for a Doodle is 13.3 ETH, and the Doodles collection stands at number 13 on the OpenSea ranking for the all time most popular NFT collections.

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