Top 4 EOS dApps in 2022

Most Popular Dapps on EOS

* EOS dApps are decentralized applications built on the EOS blockchain, one of the blockchains vying to replace Ethereum.

EOS is a decentralized operating system that can host a decentralized application ecosystem comprising millions of commercial-scale decentralized apps.

While there are innumerable blockchains in the crypto and metaverse markets as of 2022, not all of them are worth your time.

EOS should certainly be one on your radar, as it is already home to over 1000 applications of all types, from gaming to DeFi, marketplaces to gambling.

As an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain, EOS offers faster and cheaper transaction speeds.

The number of dApps built on EOS are nowhere near Ethereum, which makes it a fertile ground to get on board early.

Below, let’s look at the top 4 EOS dApps in 2000.

4. Crypto Dynasty

On the EOS blockchain, Crypto Dynasty is an RPG+PVP game. To begin, you must first download the app and sign in using your mobile wallet.

Attacking castles and character growth is what makes the game enjoyable to play. On the other hand leveling up, riding horses, and creating equipment enable you to assault more castles and increase your rating.

Players may improve their heroes by gathering materials, forging equipment, and domesticating horses.

They can also earn EOS by selling materials, staking TKT tokens, mining boss rewards, and participating in the Crypto Dynasty Arena.

At the time of writing, the game has its own Three Kingdoms Token (TKT) and is the 4th most popular EOS dapp.

To get additional TKT tokens, a player must spend EOS at the in-game shop, purchase material equipment in the marketplace, and do a variety of other actions.


Prospectors Is a virtual platform on EOS that provides players with many ways to gain digital money via a blockchain-based strategic game.

The game is set during the gold rush of the nineteenth century. The miner virtually explores the possibilities of becoming wealthy by mining gold.

It is compatible with all modern browsers, so players can play it on their mobile device or via a desktop version.

The game is built on players forming economic partnerships in order to extract the gold that is available for extraction.

It’s the world’s first Dapp blockchain to use Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) technology.

Meaning thousands of players may concurrently immerse themselves in the virtual environment and engage with each other.

2. Yup

YUP was launched in September 2020. It is a social app that rewards users for rating websites. Users may rate anything, get rewards, and advance in their chosen fields.

Consider the platform to be a second-layer social capital protocol that values people’s input and respect.

It creates a unique multi-chain architecture that can be accessed via the EOS token bridge gateway by using the capabilities of both Ethereum and EOS for separate components.

Liquidity providers may farm YUP by staking Uniswap LP tokens, effectively providing liquidity on Ethereum, thanks to a special implementation of an EOS-ETH Bridge.

Liquidity providers may farm YUP with their YUP-ETH Uniswap LP tokens by staking and bridging them to the EOS smart contract.

Those interested in earning tokens by rating the web may simply go to the website and then download and install the browser extension and link your social accounts. Enabling you to get YUP tokens if someone ranks the same material as you.

1. Upland

Upland is the world’s first blockchain metaverse based on the real world. It combines the excitement of earning NFTs and digital property with fiat value with the fun of game exploration and meeting other players.

The platform offers fascinating insights into the realm of virtual real estate, particularly at a time when well-known businesses like Meta, formerly Facebook, are currently elevating Metaverse.

The virtual properties on the platform are map-based representations of real-world building plots and street addresses. Each property is comprised of a one-of-a-kind NFT issued on the EOS blockchain.

Aside from trade, the game offers players the opportunity to win prizes via contests, tournaments, live events, and treasure hunts.

Having a property will reward players with UPX on a regular basis (Platform native tokens). Completing buying of properties in the same location will give you additional UPX.

Buying minted properties from other participants on the market is the easiest method to acquire property in Upland.

You don’t have to relocate your avatar when buying property from other players; you may buy property anywhere on the map.

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